Free treats for Bikes and Beats

It’s a bit of a scoop for the Fleadh. We’ll have to rename this event Bikes, Beats And Treats.

That’s because there’ll be a free ice cream for every gasping, rasping cyclist taking part in the Fleadh’s unique rap ‘n’ rally on Sunday.

Our friends and sponsors Newry BID will put an end to the vicious cycle of riding without refreshment. They’ll be handing out the treats as the Bikes And Beats cyclists pass by Timoneys ice cream shop during their fun lap of the city.

It’s almost worth borrowing your grandad’s old Raleigh bike and joining in, to get the yummy freebie.

‘Pump up the tyres – along with the volume – for Bikes And Beats,’ said our spokes-person. ‘Bring some tissues so you can stop ice cream seepage and wipe away any weepage’.

Bikes and Beats on the Street takes place on Sunday 27 August from 3-5pm. Meet before 3pm at the entrance to the Greenway. What a day it will be. Can it get any better than this?

Clive Price