Songs & Stories at the Fleadh

Many of us may remember our mam dragging us to church and we may have heard unearthly sounds that seemed totally alien to our wee ears.


Sure, the folk were lovely, but those hymns – what on earth were they about? Here’s someone who wants to make sense of sacred music.

Ballymena songwriter Kenny Gregg says he has ‘a passion to connect with people through songs both old and new’. He’s bringing that mix to the Fleadh with an evening called Songs & Stories.

Newry Methodist Church have kindly agreed to host this event, and we’re absolutely delighted to welcome them on board for the Fleadh. The minister Louise Donald is a real champion for Newry!


‘I was thinking Songs & Stories as I hope to share a little at times on some of the stories behind some songs,’ Kenny told us. ‘Expect some original pieces along with a blend of contemporary and old hymns reimagined.’

Join Kenny and friends on Saturday 26 August for Songs & Stories. Free admission.

Clive Price